Mendocino County – Coastal Resources for Parents

Do you know what services are now provided on the coast for parents-to-be?

Mendocino Coast Clinics welcomes everyone; you’re invited to come in and see for yourself! In the meantime, check out these great resources on their website:

1. Reproductive Health & Obstetrics

Stacy Pollina-Millan is the manager at Reproductive Health and welcoming to all who seek services at MCC. The Clinic accepts Medi-Cal & Partnership Health Plan to cover support for prenatal through postpartum resources for those seeking to feel more confident in the birth process as they become parents, for the first time, for breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and beyond. Since many families will need to travel to Ukiah to birth their babies, it’s important to create support for the birthing experience we hope for!

Kei Velazquez, our coastal Family Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Midwife &Lactation Consultant has started a Mama/ New Parent and Baby Group at the John Detrick Center on Dana St. in Fort Bragg, an inviting space to find other parents and a sense of belonging.

Marriah Simonian, an MA at the Clinic, new mama and co-leader of the group noted that it has been ‘an amazing opportunity to connect and support each other in a way that has not been possible since Covid’. So needed right now!

For current meeting day & time of Mama/New Parent & Baby Group, text Kei or Marriah on the Blue Door Line at 707-513-7575, or Jade on the coast at 707-671-6914.

2. The Blue Door

Walk through the Blue Door for free, confidential & non-judgmental services for teens and young adults, offering support for reproductive health, mental health & counseling services. Walk-in and by appointment text or call 707-513-7575.

3. Normalizing Emotions

Check out this article for a little extra boost for your mental and emotional health! Call 707-964-1251 to get more support for your mind & heart!

4. Coming Soon! Family Wellness Center

They say it takes a village to raise a baby and I say it takes just a small circle of caring supportive people to raise our confidence as new parents. Let’s utilize Mendocino Coast Clinics for the fantastic resource it provides for all in our coastal community!

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