How We Work Together

First 5 Mendocino works collaboratively with a diverse array of partners to improve services for young children and their families. Our partnerships cross all sectors, including education, health, government, philanthropy, and business to ensure children 0-5 in Mendocino County enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and life.
The earlier we invest in a child's life, the more powerful and long-lasting our impact will be. Policies and programs that support the healthy development of young children have the greatest impact on our community's ability to thrive. By working together, we can break down barriers to access and change unfair systems so all people can reach their potential.

Resources for Our Partners

New Parent Kit

New Parent Kits are provided by First 5 California at no cost to families and partner agencies.

The New Parent Kit offers many tools to help families and babies make the most of their first five years. Families will find expert advice and resources, plus some gifts to enjoy with their child.

The Free Kit is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

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Parenting Support

It used to be that children were raised by a community of extended family and friends. Now, many parents and caregivers are isolated without the support they need. That’s where F 5 Mendocino comes in.

Through programs such as Early Start and Home Visiting F5 Mendocino partners with local agencies to help families 0-5 find the parenting support, they need for their unique situation.

More Information on Early Start
More Information on Home Visiting

Professional Development Training & Peer Support

F5 Mendocino provides evidence-based training, support, and peer support to community partners.

Triple P classes and training help caregivers, parents, and agencies working with families with children ages 0-5 develop skills to help improve children’s behavior and emotional problems and help parents feel less stressed, more confident, and more competent in their parenting.

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Diapers (1)


F5 Mendocino helps distribute emergency supplies, such as diapers, to childcare providers and partners to support local families with children ages 0-5. Contact us to make sure your agency is on our supply distribution list and to find out if supplies are currently available.

Contact Information

(707) 462-4453

We need to build systems of supports for adults. We can’t expect the young people to be well if the adults are wounded.

– Dr. Shawn Ginwright