Professional Development, Trainings, & Peer Support

F5 Mendocino provides professional development, community-based training, peer networking, and support.
Providers from all disciplines who serve children 0-5 and their families in MendocinoCounty are welcome to attend training and networking opportunities at First 5.

Triple P Trainings

Triple P Mendocino helps families with children of all ages, including those with a delay or disability, to find positive solutions to child behavior problems, as well as other helpful resources. Hundreds of local professionals have now been trained to assist families and ongoing trainings continue. All Triple P Mendocino partners use research-based, common-sense methods that are very effective, whatever a family’s culture, ethnicity, or income level.

Additional Information

F5 Mendocino is paying for your training and accreditation—a value of more than $3,000 per participant—plus subsequent training and support. We supply Mendocino County providers with the necessary materials.

It is critical that training participants understand the post-training commitment to participate in ongoing consultation activities for delivering Triple P and Triple P data collection.

Triple P Training Areas
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Peer Support

F5 Mendocino offers monthly peer support groups. This will help anyone who has received at least one level of Triple P accreditation to better implement Triple P.

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Stress Management Techniques & Mindfulness Training

The Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® trains community members to not only help themselves but to help others within their wider social network. The primary focus of this skills-based, stabilization program is to re-set the natural balance of the nervous system.

F5 Mendocino can provide training to staff, send staff members to training to become a facilitator, and offer tools and resources to local organizations.

More Information

The more healthy relationships a child has, the more likely he will be to recover from trauma and thrive. Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.

― Bruce D. Perry, The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist’s Notebook